Supply Support


Supply Support

Torii Station, Okinawa, Japan

SupplyCore boosted the performance of the Torii Station warehouse in Okinawa, Japan by reducing inventory levels, minimizing time and costs associated with materials management, redirecting personnel to handle more strategic issues, and ensuring that products were delivered in a reliable, timely manner.  SupplyCore positively impacted not only sourcing, but the accounting and logistics departments.  Torii Station and military bases in the pacific region also saw dramatic improvements in Logistics Response Time – From 178 days to 52 days, along with improved consistency of response time.

MacDill Air Force Base, Florida

SupplyCore exceeded the customer lead-time by more than eight weeks for durable, industrial grade generators.  Working closely with the base, we provided two test generators that could be examined and modified so they got exactly what they needed.  This close relationship gave piece of mind and ensured project success.

160th Signal Brigade, CENTCOM Region

SupplyCore completed eight critical HVAC and Electrical projects for the 160th Signal Brigade including the Air Rover project, which required cutting the power to the building that houses the complete communication servers for the CENTCOM Region off for about 30 minutes.  This effort required detailed planning and coordination with the brigade to ensure power was only off-line for a short time. The project was completed successfully and on-time.

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Since 1987, we have provided customers with highly adaptable and dependable third-party logistics services. Our efforts are backed by our customized procurement and management systems supporting customer needs from requisition to fulfillment. SupplyCore is an integration expert providing guaranteed levels of performance. This includes total support for your products, systems and facilities. Our extensive supply network reduces quote response times and increases productivity, saving time and money. Customers have access to our online e-commerce system, enabling purchase of materials from more than two million catalog items.

Global Supply Chain Solutions

Our expert team has a demonstrated ability to develop U.S. and local supplier networks, even in austere environments. Sources are vetted by their ability to provide quality services and products. We have strong relationships with large buying cooperatives, commodity-based distributors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). SupplyCore provides products globally and develops local sources to meet your requirements.

Warehousing and Distribution

SupplyCore's distribution system features contractual relationships and alliances with manufacturers, distributors and suppliers. Our flexible and secure system consolidates and distributes material to more than 40 countries on four continents. We help clients optimize freight forwarding services, cross-docking, warehousing, inventory management and distribution. Customers experience rapid response and reduced total logistics cost.

SupplyCore's ability to rapidly adapt to sudden shifts in demand, regulations and unique logistical requirements have made us a leader in material procurement and supply chain management, worldwide.

  • Commercial and tactical vehicle parts
  • Material handling equipment (MHE)
  • Aerospace components
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety supplies
  • Hardware, tools, kits and assemblies
  • Data communication equipment
  • Standard and specialized kits
  • HVAC equipment
  • Alternative energy solutions and generators
  • Appliances and office supplies and furniture
  • Building materials
  • Food
  • Can't find something? SupplyCore makes it easy to request quotes for non-catalog and custom items. We have a dedicated team of knowledgeable buyers to locate parts and find the manufacturer to provide what you need, when you need it.




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    Supply Support

    Worldwide material procurement and supply chain management.



    Aftermarket Support

    Aftermarket components maintaining operational fleets.


    Humanitarian & Disaster Relief

    Humanitarian & Disaster Relief

    Critical support to rebuild lives when disaster strikes.



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