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SupplyCore Named as Top Performing Industry Partner By Defense Logistics Agency

Thursday, August 04, 2016


SupplyCore, a Rockford based supply chain management services and technology solutions integrator, announced today it has been recognized by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) as a Top Performing Industry Partner for fiscal year 2015 as part of the Department of Defense’s Superior Supplier Incentive Program (SSIP). SupplyCore was recognized in the Silver category which is higher than the Bronze recognition the organization has received in the past.

The SSIP is designed to incentivize contractor performance by identifying suppliers with the highest rankings in areas such as performance, quality, and business relations. To be eligible for consideration, companies – or their subsidiary business units – had to have DLA contracts with a proven record of performance, as well as an established rating in the federal Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS). DLA considered its top 150 largest suppliers based on the amount of purchasing dollars within a particular product or service group over the past two years.

Of those considered, 42 companies were selected as DLA’s superior suppliers based on the last three years of CPARS ratings, with the most emphasis placed on recent performance. The selected companies represent all of DLA’s major supply chains, include nine small businesses, and collectively account for nearly $16.7 billion in DLA contract expenditures annually. Suppliers were categorized into three levels based on their performance and CPARS ratings: Gold, Silver and Bronze. For a complete list of companies recognized, click here.

“We want to thank our great associates at SupplyCore who are committed to consistently improving our processes, reducing costs for the taxpayers and providing the best service to our government customers,” said Peter Provenzano, President and CEO, SupplyCore, Inc. “Our company continues to grow, adding jobs at our headquarters in downtown Rockford and locations globally, and we believe in reinvesting that success back into the community.”

SupplyCore’s continued success allows the organization to add local jobs and support its urban renewal initiatives, both economically, through its development company Joseph James Partners, and philanthropically, through its leadership of the Rock River Development Partnership, which established the Rockford City Market in 2010.




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