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SupplyCore Expands Integrated Logistics Department

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


SupplyCore  Integrated Logistics Department

SupplyCore's customers will now receive more advanced logistics services and quality support because of our improved Integrated Logistics Department including our warehouse locations throughout the US with a dedicated logistic management team, supporting areas of integrated logistics, new packaging requirements, warehouse certifications, freight forwarding services, and warehouse service sales.

"The move has allowed SupplyCore to promote these services to additional customers, with the goal of obtaining a wider breadth of contract opportunities." Mike Paul, VP of Logistics Services noted "With this renewed emphasis on logistics, we have been able to improve our logistics services to the US government under our existing and new contracts, provide these services to other defense contractors, and address the needs of the commercial marketplace."

A new position was created to foster the growth of the new department, Warehouse Operations Manager. This role includes the oversight of performance metrics, continuous improvement, training and certification, packaging requirements, and business development and sales for warehouses in the US.?With an aggressive effort to gain a wider customer base, this dedicated position serves as a reminder of how SupplyCore has been a leader in integrated logistics for 25 years, and is eager to provide this expertise to additional customers.



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