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SupplyCore's MPOWR Software - Partnering to Reduce Recidivism and Improve Public Safety

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


WEDNESDAY, September 25, 2013, ROCKFORD IL – SupplyCore is partnering with the City of Rockford, the Rockford Police Department, and the State of Illinois, Department of Corrections, Winnebago County, along with Lutheran social Services of Illinois and the United Way to implement a new, innovative Multi-Jurisdictional Information Sharing initiative that will address the transition of recently released state correctional system prisoners into the city of Rockford. SupplyCore will deploy its award winning cloud based collaborative software solution, MPOWR, to allow the state and city to partner together on preparing for the release of incarcerates to the community in order to more effectively reduce recidivism, and improve the safety of citizens.
The State of Illinois government leaders and local officials have recognized that it is critically important to better communicate with local government jurisdictions, and local law enforcement to help communities address the many issues that lead to former incarcerates re-offending, and driving up crime rates in those communities. The MPOWR technology solution provides a robust tool for communities to develop a strong connective process that focuses on reducing recidivism.

"We are proud that our MPOWR solution will be part of a new approach to create a prisoner re-entry network, that will help our state and local governments work together to identify incarcerates being released, and develop the best strategy to assist them in a successful transition into the community. This effort is designed to give ex-offenders the choice to take advantage of a new direction in their lives, or go back to prison. We want to congratulate Mayor Larry Morrissey of Rockford, and Rockford Police Chief Chet Epperson, as well as Winnebago County Chairman Scott Christiansen, Steve Matthews, Chief Information Officer for the Illinois Department of Corrections, and Lutheran Social Services of Illinois for working together and moving forward with this effort that will protect citizens and reduce crime rates. We especially want to acknowledge the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority for dedicating the resources to this innovative approach that will serve as a model for the state and nation.” - Peter Provenzano, President & CEO, SupplyCore

“Winnebago County is excited that Lutheran Social Services of Illinois is going to provide reentry services for individuals returning from the Department of Corrections. Much research went into this process. Of the four programs we considered, LSSI was an excellent choice and was also recommended by the Department of Corrections. Sincere thanks to United Way, MPOWR Group at SupplyCore, the City of Rockford and the State of Illinois for participating” – Chairman Scott Christiansen, Winnebago County Board

“This initiative is a collaborative effort that proves we can impact our public safety efforts when we work together. The collective talents of Lutheran Social Services of Illinois, the City of Rockford and Winnebago County, Illinois Department of Corrections, and SupplyCore-MPOWR were the drivers in taking a concept and putting it into action. And as a result, we have a powerful tool that will help us move towards a safer community with a reduction in recidivism and crime.” –Mayor Larry Morrissey, City of Rockford

“I am proud of the combined efforts of the private, public, and non-for-profit in our work to build a safer community. We know that reducing recidivism and crime is not just a job the police can do alone but is a job that needs many partners. SupplyCore-MPOWR, Winnebago County and Lutheran Social Services have come forward and have made a difference in our community” – Chief Chet Epperson, Rockford Police Department

About MPOWR, A SupplyCore Company
The MPOWR Solution is a cloud-based collective impact and data sharing tool utilized by communities to facilitate cross-sector linking and communication. Our powerful integration model allows work to be done in-concert via a network with all stakeholders. The MPOWR solution is being utilized by state and local governments, along with private organizations throughout the United States for initiatives including anti-poverty, education improvement, community development, health care improvement, prisoner re-entry, and other human service delivery programs.

SupplyCore’s mission is to best optimize the information, material, and financial flows of customer supply chains, and to improve the physical and human assets of the communities we serve.



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