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Internship Program Enters Second Year - A Win/Win For Students and SupplyCore

Friday, September 28, 2012


Rockford, IL (PRWEB) September 28, 2012

SupplyCore is beginning its second year of their internship program that has already advanced many projects that otherwise would not have been possible. The program offers many diverse opportunities for students to gain practical, challenging, and meaningful real-world work experiences. SupplyCore believes the core value of experiential learning will heighten students’ awareness of skills and competencies necessary to compete in today’s market. The application of knowledge in a highly strategic, global operation is much different than in a classroom.

Interns at SupplyCore are welcomed as valued team members and given a professional role and focus. Positions range across all business areas offering opportunities in logistics and operations management, business development, information technology, human resources and talent management, and accounting. They receive targeted support that differs from the typical onboarding and training of entry-level positions. Students begin their internship in a group orientation and training program and work very closely with their managers, who provide mentoring and guidance throughout the project ensuring success.

SupplyCore’s spring and fall internships are based on the traditional 16-week college semester. The summer internships, depending on the project, continue between 10 and 16 weeks. Open positions are posted on SupplyCore’s website and with many colleges and universities two to three months prior to semester start. SupplyCore is currently preparing internship positions for the spring semester.

Interns from Rockford College and Northern Illinois University have impressed the company with their skill sets and adaptability thus far and have definitely set the bar for students entering the program this year. Students are recruited from local and regional community colleges and universities through internship fairs, special events, and relationships with career services and internship advisors, professors, and other faculty members. The program is another way for SupplyCore to give back to the community and provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn and work in Rockford.”

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Worldwide material procurement and supply chain management.



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Aftermarket components maintaining operational fleets.


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Humanitarian & Disaster Relief

Critical support to rebuild lives when disaster strikes.



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