Humanitarian and Disaster Relief


New Orleans, Louisiana

We provided emergency support in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. To aid rescue efforts and provide humanitarian relief SupplyCore managed the supply of diesel generator units (ranging from 100-275KW) when available supplies were depleted. To meet the needs during this contingency, SupplyCore worked directly with several manufacturers to alter production lines, allocate inventory, and speed assembly of completed units and was able to deliver the units quickly.

Humanitarian and Disaster Relief

SupplyCore understands those affected by a disastrous event need immediate attention.   With round-the-clock emergency response 365 days-a-year, we offer resources to provide initial comfort and reduce the shock of these life changing events.

We have preferential relationships with distributors and suppliers that collectively maintain more than $1 billion inventory in distribution centers across the U.S. and close to every major metropolitan area. Our flexible and secure network consolidates and distributes material to more than 40 countries on four continents.  Customers experience dependable, rapid response and reduced total logistics cost during disastrous events.  

Operation Services for First Responders

So first responders can concentrate on helping those affected by a disaster, we provide all necessary labor, supervision, equipment, tools, materials, fuel, and supplies for responder camps. Our services include camp design, mobilization, site preparation, installation, management and operation of responder support camps, and demobilization as needed.

Critical Resource Allocation

We answered the call for help during Hurricane Katrina, shipping generators to the disaster-struck city of New Orleans.  Using our knowledge of how to meet military surge requirements, we helped to provide relief items to the site quickly.  We stand ready and able to provide support in getting critical resources such as medical equipment, tools, machinery, building materials, safety equipment and more to disaster sites when needed.

In any disaster scenario, collaboration is essential.  We work with local and regional entities to develop scenario-specific plans for relief camps and emergency preparedness when disasters occur.  



Facility Operation

Comprehensive facility
planning, staffing, and



Supply Support

Worldwide material procurement and supply chain management.



Aftermarket Support

Aftermarket components maintaining operational fleets.


Humanitarian & Disaster Relief

Humanitarian & Disaster Relief

Critical support to rebuild lives when disaster strikes.



Collaborative Solutions

Inter-organizational and community-wide collaborative solutions.