Facility Operation


Camp Shields Okinawa, Japan

Commander Fleet Activities Okinawa (CFAO) contracted SupplyCore for the installation of solar panels over approximately 25,000 sq ft of roof space, with a power inverter to create a renewable energy source for the camp.

"We had a very large solar installation project (more than $1 million) that SupplyCore championed for us from start to finish.  The installation and management of all facets of the projects were superb, and the sense of ownership and urgency was evident.  Final installation was accelerated due to a super-typhoon with wind over 160mph approaching Okinawa, and when the storm cleared, everything was still there and functioning as designed." -Mr. Guy Schmidt, CFAO

Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

SupplyCore procured and installed an emergency chiller for the Early Childhood Education and Training Center on the Wright Patterson Air Force Base.  The care center was operational within two weeks, exceeding customer expectations.

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Facility Maintenance and Service

SupplyCore provides performance-based services including supply, transportation, maintenance and repair for facilities operations worldwide. We utilize our program management expertise to meet your schedule and ensure smooth operations from mobilization through contract completion.

Program Management

SupplyCore provides oversight and support down to the project level resulting in high performance rates and satisfied customers. With the program's success in mind, we identify and manage cross-project dependencies and solve potential problems before they arise. Our focus on minimizing total cost of procurement makes us a valuable program partner.

From supply chain and inventory management, forecasting support and meeting delivery deadlines for parts anywhere in the world, to managing procurement and installation projects ranging from water softeners to base transformers, SupplyCore has the ability to deliver services, supplies and support wherever required.

Quality Staffing Assurance

Hiring within various geographic regions requires a combination of U.S., local and foreign labor pools to ensure qualified staff. SupplyCore conducts background checks for personnel and ensures any necessary clearances are in place and documented.

Complete Performance Accountability

Our robust systems manage and track all activities in real time, allowing for transparency and ensuring complete performance accountability. We have the ability to alter or customize these systems to comply with your requirements for facility operations support services. Our methodology allows for rapid implementation of service-based contracts.




Facility Operation

Comprehensive facility
planning, staffing, and



Supply Support

Worldwide material procurement and supply chain management.



Aftermarket Support

Aftermarket components maintaining operational fleets.


Humanitarian & Disaster Relief

Humanitarian & Disaster Relief

Critical support to rebuild lives when disaster strikes.



Collaborative Solutions

Inter-organizational and community-wide collaborative solutions.